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I have really been lucky in recent years when it comes to participating in absolute dream events and shows~  Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and now another very important piece from my childhood was having her own event… Sailor Moon!  This year they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series and releasing all sorts of new merch along with a new series, so everyone really seems to be in the spirit!  When the curator for Qpop Shop invited me to paint a tribute to this series for their show in April I could not say “yes” fast enough!

 ” Moonlight Legend~make up! ”
Size: 19.5″ x 15.5″
Medium:  Mixed media in customized vintage frame
Price: $1900  SOLD! Thank you!

For lots of girls that grew up in the 90′s Sailor Moon was very special, it was like nothing we had ever watched when it came on TV! In the early 90′s I was captivated by how beautiful the characters were, so inspiring! The manga artwork was even more beautiful, I printed out anything I could  find.

One of my first girl drawings I sat down to draw because I had the urge was in 1995 of Sailor Moon, I wish I could find it! haha instead, here are some scary envelopes I drew for sending in letters to “Animerica” magazine (I never did) using my first set of prisma colored pencils my parents got me for Christmas with jelly pens around age 13.

When I got the internet in 1996 “Sailor Moon” was one of the first things I typed in a search bar to teach me more, and I was hooked! I used to order (with money order since paypal was not around yet) fansubbed VHS tapes of the show, and then when I ran out of tapes because they had not released new subtitles on VHS yet I downloaded the episodes one by one unsubbed and that took like a day for each episode on our family computer lol.  My first ebay purchase was even of a sailor moon pencil tin in the photo, which I thought was the most amazing thing ever! that creepy mirror was my 2nd purchase haha I even had 3 1/2 floppy disks filled with every Midi song I could find….hopefully some of you are old enough to know what that is!

For my Sailor Moon tribute piece I was stuck on what exactly to draw for over a week, I wanted to think of something unique since so much art exists for this show already. I have always loved adding hair accessories to my artwork~ but ever since I came across Jie Li‘s pieces (and those inspired by her) in Korea I have had them stuck in my brain!  Her playful headbands of toys were the muse behind my concept!

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