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Where is the store based?

Burbank, California

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

All sales are final. For apparel due to fact most Miss Kika items are pre-ordered we can not offer exchanges for different sizes at this time! Please be sure of the size you want and read the charts (or check the #misskika hashtag on instagram) to help make the best choice.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

Sure do! We will ship anyplace in the world, however if you are outside the USA and your country has issues with mail delivery please purchase additional shipping/tracking in the store or contact us if needed, otherwise if your item goes missing in transit you will be unable to track it efficiently. Sadly extra tracking for international items from the USA is *extremely* expensive, so by default international customers will only receive a customs form number which will provide some basic tracking, but it varies by country.


How long will it take to receive my order?

This shop is very small and maintained by just 1-2 people at this time, so please allow 7 days on average for us to pack your order. Read your listing carefully before contacting us about shipment, many items are pre-orders and have a longer wait time. All ítems are shipped after payment clears, once your item has been is shipped you will get a notice mail from the shop letting you know and it will come with a tracking number if shipped priority (domestically)

------------------ INTERNATIONAL ORDERS----------------------
All items are shipped with Standard International Air Mail Service which provides *NO TRACKING SERVICE* however your customs form number will be provided which does allow some tracking within the USA and to Canada. If you require a proper tracking number, insurance or confirmation there will be an additional charge, so please contact me. Once shipped most orders take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service and customs. Once your item leaves my hands I am not able to help you if you have not purchased additional tracking or insurance, so please consider this if your country is prone to "misplacing" international orders.

Some countries flagged for this issue are: Italy, Brazil, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, and Greece.


I need my item faster or insured!

Need something extra added to your shipment? Just drop me a line and I will give you an adjusted total for faster shipping, insurance on the item, etc! Artwork in the USA ships Priority by default, however packing can take a week to two weeks since we have one shipping day currently.  Please contact the shop if you need something asap shipped quickly to see if we can accommodate it!


How are your artist prints shipped?

All artist prints are shipped in a thick 3.5" (yummy hot pink!) tube Miss Kika has had custom produced for shipping her artwork to you so it is the best balance of size to avoid rolling the art too tight, thickness to withstand shipping bumps, yet still light enough to not cost a bundle to ship.

Your print will first be rolled with a layer of acid free paper to protect it, then it will be slid inside a thick (pink) plastic acid free sleeve, impulse sealed for added protection from water damage, and tied off with a cute ribbon making it look like a big piece of candy haha! All of these steps are not just for appearance, they are to protect your artwork so it arrives to you as safely as possible.


How are your posters and other misc prints shipped

Smaller sized prints are shipped in a stay flat mailer that is thick to protect from bending, yet still lightweight to keep your shipping low!


What if my order is lost in transit?

Please note that first class international packages have NO guarantee for how long they will take to arrive, this has a lot to do with where you live and your countries customs! If you would like additional tracking please purchase it from the shop but please be aware it will be quite expensive.

In the unlikely event that your order is lost in transit, or you supplied the wrong shipping address, we are not responsible and will not resend items. Please make sure your shippingl address is up to date or that you have provided the correct address in your checkout form.

If you preorder an item please provide an address that will still be acceptable to send your item later! For example, instead of your college dorm provide your parents home address if you think the semester will be over by the time the item ships from the posted preorder fulfillment date.




What if my order is damaged in transit?

Insurance is provided for $50 by default to all domestic orders shipped priority, we are happy to add additional insurance if requested. If your order is international and you have not opted to have it shipped priority with insurance there is nothing we can do sadly. Thankfully I have shipped hundreds of items and only had something get damaged maybe twice.

What if something is wrong with my order?

Humans make mistakes! If you have a problem with an order from this store, please contact us directly at kika@misskika.com


When will XXX or YYY be back in stock?

Please do not mail about restocks, if they are sold out they are sadly sold out!  If a restock is being planned it will be stated on the item listing or if the item can be purchased from another store (Japanla.com often carries some of my products) it will be shared on the listing or in my social media. 

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