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My Little Pony Project 2012 - Cotton Candy Skydancer

Sold Out

2012 Hasbro and Sweet Streets Selected a handful of artists from around the globe to paint very specially made giant blank "My Little Ponies" for the 2nd official "My Little Pony Project" custom charity event!  Miss Kika's pony custom is "Cotton Candy Skydancer"  who features all sorts of little handmade treasures and puffy cotton candy clouds on her feet.  She comes with her own glittery brush as well! 10% of the sale will go to Hasbro's charity project!



Name: "Cotton Candy Skydancer"

Base: Hasbro Official MLP project large vinyl base, exclusive to events

Medium: Mixed media and handmade accessories

Price: $2500 SOLD thank you!

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